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Miscellaneous - Refrigerant Handling Tools

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C&D Valve CD2290
SKU: 67006

C&D Valve CD2290 Corrosion Resistant Refrigerant Locking Cap, 1/4 Inch, Male Flared, Nickel Plated

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C&D Valve CD4460B/25
SKU: 141

C&D Valve CD4460B/25 Valve Core, For Use with 1/4 Inch Flared Access Fitting

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C&D Valve CD-3813
SKU: 134

C&D Valve CD-3813 Compact Knurled Valve Core Tool and Container, Brass

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C&D Valve CD5555
SKU: 150

C&D Valve CD5555 Replacement O-Ring, For Use with Core Removal Tools

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SKU: 54737

RectorSeal® NV-MULTI-KEY Refrigerant Multi-Key, For Use With All Novent® Caps

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JB MR-517
SKU: 25117

JB MR-517 Gauge Lens, 2-1/2 Inch Screw, For Use With Plastic and Metal Rebuild Manifolds

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Zephyr Line Clearer, 24-101
SKU: 95688

The Zephyr Line Clearer makes clearing lines a breeze! Unleash the full potential of any Xantus Products direct inject with the patent pending Zephyr Line Clearer!'Comes with an extention hose, rubber grommet, and two refrigerant grade CO2 cartridges.'This will be a tremendous'value and an invaluable tool in any technician's'toolbox.

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DiversiTech ACT6
SKU: 24545

DiversiTech ACT6 Single Hand Compressor Tote, For Use with Upto 5 ton Compressors, Electroplated Steel

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Imperial 1702
SKU: 3726

Imperial® 1702 Thermal Charge Oil Pump, 1 qt Per 20 Stroke, 250 psi

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C&D Valve CD3800
SKU: 133

C&D Valve CD3800 Storage Container, For Use with Valve Cores, Plastic

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Yellow Jacket 93844
SKU: 26865

Yellow Jacket® 93844 Compact Straight Ball Valve, 1/4 Inch, Male Flared, 800 psi

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C&D Valve CD2070
SKU: 130

C&D Valve CD2070 Large Thumbscrew Valve Core Depressor with 1/4 Inch Male Flared Access Fitting

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