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LD-3000 JB Industries QUEST Leak Detector

JB Industries LD-3000 QUEST Leak Detector
SKU: 118216
Manufacturer part number: LD-3000

JB Industries

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JB Industries LD-3000 QUEST Leak Detector

- Model: LD-3000
- Type: Electrochemical refrigerant leak detector
- Sensor Technology: Long-life solid electrolyte sensor designed to detect various refrigerants, including:
    - HFCs (e.g., R32, R134a, R410A, R404A, R407A, R507)
    - HFOs (e.g., R1234yf)
    - HCFCs (e.g., R22)
    - CFCs (e.g., R12)
- Battery Requirements: Operates with four AA alkaline batteries (included)
- Sensor Life: Over 10 years
- Response Time: Instantaneous
- Warm-Up Time: Less than 20 seconds
- Probe Length: 17 inches (43 cm)
- Weight: 1.5 lbs
- Warranty: 2 years (includes sensor)
- Features:
    - Automatic calibration and reset to ambient levels
    - Three adjustable sensitivity levels
    - Low battery indicator
    - Mute alarm function
    - Comfortable rubber handle
    - Rugged carrying case
    - Low battery indicator
    - Sensitivity indicator
    - Audio mute and power ON/OFF
- Test Specifications (EN14624):
    - Minimum/maximum sensitivity threshold (fixed): 1 gm/yr minimum, >50 gm/yr maximum
    - Minimum/maximum sensitivity threshold (moving): 3 gm/yr minimum, 50 gm/yr maximum
    - Minimum detection time (1 gm/yr): Approximately 1 second
    - Clearing time: Approximately 9 seconds after exposure to >50 gm/yr
    - Minimum threshold after maximum exposure: 1 gm/yr
    - Sensitivity threshold in polluted atmosphere: 1 gm/yr
    - Calibration frequency: 1/yr check with calibrated leak standard

Operating Instructions:
1. Install Batteries: Remove the battery cover and insert four AA batteries.
2. Power Settings:
    - Turn ON/OFF: Press the ON/OFF button once to turn on and again to turn off.
    - Warm-up cycle: The detector automatically heats the sensor.
    - Ready mode: The green sensitivity LED indicates readiness.
3. Searching for Leaks:
    - Move the sensor tip along A/C lines and fittings.
    - The alarm resets automatically if the sensor tip is held at the leak source.


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Refrigerant Type- HFCs (e.g., R32, R134a, R410A, R404A, R407A, R507) - HFOs (e.g., R1234yf) - HCFCs (e.g., R22) - CFCs (e.g., R12)
DetectsDetects all HFC, HCFC, HFO and blended refrigerants
Compatible WithA2L Compatible including R32 and R454b