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Gas Valve Accessories

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White-Rodgers F92-0659
SKU: 10405

White-Rodgers™ F92-0659 1-Stage Natural Gas to Regulated Liquid Propane Gas Conversion Kit, 7.5 - 12 Inch WC

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White-Rodgers F92-1008
SKU: 80141

White-Rodgers™ F92-1008 2-Stage Gas Conversion Kit, For Use with Two Stage 36G, H and J Valves

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Honeywell 393691
SKU: 13780

Honeywell 393691 Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Gas Conversion Kit, 8 - 12 Inch WC

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Honeywell 394588
SKU: 13782

Honeywell 394588 Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Gas Conversion Kit

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White-Rodgers F92-1011
SKU: 81669

White-Rodgers™ F92-1011 Regulated LP to NG Valve Conversion Kit, 1 - 4 Inch WC Low Fire, 2 - 5 Inch WC High Fire

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Carrier EF39ZW023
SKU: 74215

Carrier EF39ZW023 Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Gas Valve Kit

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Rheem 60-22513-03
SKU: 72003

Rheem 60-22513-03 Gas Valve Spring Kit, For Use with VR8205 Series Gas Valves

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Honeywell 395466
SKU: 52825

Honeywell 395466 Envelope Assembly with Flame Current Test Kit

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Honeywell 391937
SKU: 13770

Honeywell 391937 1-Stage Natural to LP Gas Conversion Kit, 8 - 12 Inch WC Pressure Regulator Setpoint

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Honeywell 396021
SKU: 13785

Honeywell 396021 2-Stage Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, LP Gas, 8 - 11 Inch WC

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Honeywell 126590
SKU: 12902

Honeywell 126590 Adjustable Bleed Valve Assembly, 1/8 Inch NPT x 1/4 Inch Compression

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Honeywell 390427E
SKU: 54386

Honeywell 390427E Reducer Bushing, 3/4 x 1/2 Inch NPT, For Use with All Honeywell Combination Gas Controls

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