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Duct Hangers

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Basset BH-9
SKU: 27601

Basset BH-9 Square Duct Hanger, Galvanized, 9 Inch Length, 18 ga Steel

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Basset A-150
SKU: 26946

Basset A-150 Basset Bracket, Galvanized Duct Hanger, Adjusts to Joist Width of 12 to 19 inches

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Basset DS-3
SKU: 7219

Basset DS-3 Duct Strap Hanger, Self Nailing, Galvanized, 18 ga Steel.

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Basset BH-11
SKU: 79179

Basset BH-11 Square Duct Hanger, Galvanized, 11 Inch Length, 18 ga Steel

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Basset GWS-412
SKU: 19153

Basset GWS-412 Wire Duct Strap Hanger, 12 inch Length

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