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DS-5000 JB Industries Propane and Small Canister Refrigerant Scale

JB Industries DS-5000 Propane and Small Canister Refrigerant Scale
SKU: JB-DS-5000
Manufacturer part number: DS-5000

JB Industries

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JB Industries DS-5000 Propane/Refrigerant Scale

- Model: DS-5000
- Type: Digital scale designed for accurately measuring the weight of refrigerants during charging in HVACR systems
- Compatibility: Specifically designed for R-290 (propane) and R-600a and other small-canister refrigerants
- Features:
    - Back-lit LCD display: Provides easy-to-read weight readings
    - Large weighing platform: Accommodates refrigerant canisters of various sizes
    - Durable and sturdy construction: Made with high-quality injected molded components
    - High accuracy load cell: Ensures precise measurements
    - Pass-through charging: Moving the charge hose does not affect the scale reading
    - Small diameter durable CLRF Series hoses included
    - Charging valve included: Facilitates precision charging
    - Schrader valves included: Prevents refrigerant loss/leaks
    - Cylinder adapter with Secure Seal low-loss fitting included: Suitable for inverted charging
    - Two charging orientation options: Upright and inverted
    - Velcro loop included: Stabilizes the refrigerant canister during upright charging

- Specifications:
    - Max. Capacity: 11.02 lb (approximately 5 kg)
    - Accuracy: 1 g (0.1 oz)
    - Display: Back-lit LCD

The Atlas DS-5000 scale is known for its accuracy and unique pass-through charging feature, making it an excellent choice for HVACR professionals working with propane and other small-canister refrigerants

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Refrigerant TypeR-290
Included AccessoriesSmall diameter durable CLRF Series hoses, adapter and valves