CFC Certification Testing

We are located in Illinois and Northern Indiana.

Please use the form below to register. Our goal is to provide the greatest flexibility in offering the Section 608 Certification test.

Upon enrollment for the CFC test, you will be contacted by our Marketing Manager, to get your payment info. The cost of the study manual is $25 and the test is $134. Each test retake is $134 as well. Payment for the study manual will be required up front. Payment for the test will be required on the day you take the exam.

After you have taken the time to study the manual and take the practice exams, you will call our Marketing Manager to schedule your test date. Testing can only be done during normal office business hours.

If you have already passed a section of the test and need to re-take a section that you did not pass, simply bring in your CFC card showing what sections you passed and take the test for the section you missed. You must have passed the Core section of the test and at least one other section of the test in order to re-test in the sections you missed.

For more information, please call the Marketing Manager at 217-356-0166.

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