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Blower Motors

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Goodman 0171M00001S
SKU: 80148

Goodman® 0171M00001S 1-Stage Motor Inducer Blower

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Goodman 0131F00042SP
SKU: 36588

Goodman® 0131F Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1/2 hp, 115 V, 5.61 A, 1075 Rpm, 60 Hz, 4-Speed, CCW

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SKU: GDP-0131F00041S

0131F00041S BLOWER MOTOR 4SPD,115V 1/3HP 1075RPM

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Goodman B1340020S
SKU: 38339

Goodman® B1340020S Direct Drive Blower Motor, 115 V, 1/2 hp, For Use with GMNT080-4 and GMNT100-4 Furnaces

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Goodman B1340021S
SKU: 9008

Goodman® B1340021S Blower Motor, 1/3 hp, 115 V, 5.1 A, 3-Speed, 1050 Rpm, 60 Hz, CW, Capacitor 12.5 uF

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Goodman 10759415SP
SKU: 35897

Goodman® 10759415SP Blower Motor, 115 V, 3/4 hp, 4-Speed

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Goodman 20046618SP
SKU: 40831

Goodman® 20046618SP Direct Drive Blower Motor, 3/4 hp, 115 V, 4-Speed, 1075 Rpm

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Revolv S1-024-36266-000
SKU: 12976

Revolv S1-024-36266-000 Blower Motor, 1/3 hp, 115 V, 6.5 A, 1 Phase, 2-Speed, 1075 Rpm, Frame 42Y, CCWLE , 3 Inch L Shaft

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0131M01003S 3/4 HP MOTOR
SKU: GDP-0131M01003S

0131M01003S 3/4 HP MOTOR

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Goodman B1340022S
SKU: 9009

Goodman® B1340022S Blower Motor, 3/4 hp, 115 V, 8.9 A, 3-Speed, 1075 Rpm, 60 Hz, 3 CW, Capacitor 10 uF

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Goodman 0131F00038S
SKU: 80159

Goodman® 0131F00038S Direct Drive Furnace Motor, 1/2 hp, For Use with Goodman and Amana Gas Furnaces

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Goodman 0231K00036A
SKU: 41687

Goodman® 0231K00036A Variable Speed DC Blower Motor, 120/240 V, 1 hp, For Use with GMV950905DX Gas Furnaces

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