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AprilAire 76 Digital Wall Mount Dehumidifier Control

AprilAire 76 Digital Wall Mount Dehumidifier Control
SKU: 69518
Manufacturer part number: 76

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AprilAire 76 Digital Wall Mount Dehumidifier Control

  • Genuine Aprilaire digital wall mount dehumidifier control.
  • Made in Madison, WI, USA.
  • Wall mounted digital control for Aprilaire whole-home dehumidifiers.
  • Displays RH and controls to an RH value.
  • Remote control for crawlspace applications and sealed attics.
  • Includes On/Off buttons and digital display.

Easily manage the humidity levels in your home with the Aprilaire Model 76 wall mounted dehumidifier digital control. With the digital display, you can view the relative humidity levels, or RH levels, in your home, and adjust them with the press of a button. Aprilaire’s wall mounted dehumidifier control provides a convenient and effective way to ensure your family is healthy and comfortable, and to protect the assets that make your home beautiful.

The Model 76 can act as a remote control for your Aprilaire dehumidifier if it is located in an inconvenient or hard to access area. For example, when the dehumidifier is located in and dehumidifying a crawl space or a basement, the Model 76 can be installed where you spend most of your time, allowing you to make changes to the setting and to see what the humidity is in these areas without having to access the dehumidifier.


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Compatible WithAprilaire Model E070, E080, E100, E130, 1710A, 1750A, or 1770A